The solution
is simple!

Our mission is to create a culture of sustainable and transparent enterprises that consumers love to support, all the while helping them transition to a greener business model.

Reward Engagement

Did you know that renewable energy is cheaper in two out of three countries; that return of investment for solar is just 5 years; or that sustainable products grew 5.6x faster? These and many more facts about the benefits of going green aren't known to many people, unfortunately. We're changing that by rewarding engaged Sapiens with Recipro tokens, as well as with badges to showcase their learnings.

Incentivise Transparency

Consumers need to be able to trust that organisations are implementing the necessary changes to reduce their carbon footprint. Wouldn't it be great if you could simply view which enterprises are indeed sustainable and which aren't? Planet Meta provides the tools to do this, enabling enterprises to upload documents proving their sustainable practices, use of renewable energies, and much more.

Instigate Reciprocity

We are creating a blockchain-enabled financing system to help enterprises access the funding they need to transition to renewable energies. Through risk reduction via transparency; and increased efficiency via smart contracts, we have created a system in which consumers have the power to help the enterprises they love to receive much-needed funding.