Our planet saving

Our planet is in desperate need of change, find out how we want to decarbonise before it's too late below!

The Metafesto

We are in trouble.

We are rapidly approaching what many well-informed scientific minds refer to as tipping points: serious, irrevocable alterations in how the earth’s interconnected systems function. If we don’t change our behaviour soon, future generations may not be able to tell the tale of how we failed our planet and our species. 

It’s a complicated issue. Governments around the world are not enacting adequate legislation quickly enough to combat the detrimental effects of our lifestyles on our habitat. The private sector is not transparent about nor held sufficiently accountable for its actions. Consumers are not properly informed about the products or services they buy, nor the range of effects they have on the environment. None of this is a secret.

We believe a great number of the earth’s inhabitants find this concerning and want to do something about it, but haven't yet found a viable medium through which to do so. We also know there are companies and suppliers that operate ethically and sustainably, or at least would like to. Our goal is to create an ecosystem connecting these stakeholders of our future in a logical and aligned manner. We thus envision an alternative economy where sustainability metrics and the reverence of consumer opinion are the measures of business success. Where consumers are educated about sustainable consumption and hold companies accountable for their actions, voting with both dollars and tokens to support those that operate sustainably. Where companies in turn adopt transparent and ethical operating practices, knowing these will benefit both the planet and the bottom line, and are rewarded for doing so. We believe in a culture of reciprocity, of entities showing gratitude to each other and their life-providing habitat.

As homo sapiens (lat.: wise humans), we have the ability to make conscious choices. Together we are stronger - our collective actions can effect change on a previously unimaginable scale, and we wield this power every time we make a choice. Every day we make choices, knowing that once they are made they cannot be unmade. Smoke cannot go back into a burning cigarette; a letter unread; plastic put back into the earth’s crust as carbon. Thus we need to be prudent with the choices we make. Whether you believe in a glorious god, a precise programmer or a serendipitous scientist, if we act towards a common goal, in ways both big and small, then we can prevail. With a single decade - or one 20 000th of our species' existence - in which to shift the paradigm of the way we consume completely, there is no more time to be passive. If you are here reading these lines, we hope you have already made your choice for a future beyond carbon. Now is the time to act upon it, and stay true to yourself and every other living organism of which we, as wise humans, are custodians.

This is your planet.

This is our metafesto.