Let’s Demand

In the age of greenwashing, consumers need transparency to trust the enterprises they support. Planet Meta encourages enterprises to be transparent, providing the necessary tools to prove their decarbonisation achievements.

Showcase your Decarbonisation Journey

Showcase which part of the journey your enterprise is at! Whether understanding which decarbonisation options are available; implementing a solution; or reciprocating for funding provided, you can get the word out here.

Upload your Proof

By being transparent about your operations, you can showcase your efforts to reduce your impact and have an online display of your current and previous decarbonisation achievements.

Gain the trust you need from the Sapiens who care

The consumer of the 21st century is educated and aware of how they can vote with their money. Reach an audience that cares who you are, and why you do business the way you do.

Interested in Planet Meta?

We are in the process of onboarding enterprises while the platform is under development and are currently offering early adopter incentives.

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